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Check out my general and PMU/Tattoo FAQ's below by clicking the corresponding category!
  • What if I am traveling to Saskatoon for my appointment?
    First off, thank you so much for traveling to visit me! If you need any help navigating your stay, please send me an email and I will do everything I can to make your trip as wonderful as I can. I am happy to provide accommodation, food and service rec's for you during your stay in our beautiful city! If you are flying in and experience any flight issues or delays, please let me know as soon as you can via email and I will do my absolute best to accommodate the changes.
  • Can I bring my kids or a friend with me?
    This is your time to relax and recharge! Please do not bring anyone but yourself to your appointment so that you can fully enjoy your time with us. *medical aids, service animals + translators are welcome.* Our insurance does not cover unsupervised children in the studio and you will be unable to attend to them during your appointment. Please arrange for childcare for the full duration of your time with us or your appointment will need to be rescheduled and a last minute cancellation fee will apply.
  • What if I am running late?
    If you are running late, please let me know by calling or texting me at (639)994-4745. I reserve the right to cancel your appointment, resulting in the applicable fees if you are 10+ minutes late for your scheduled appointment. I will always do my best to accommodate a late arrival by modifying your scheduled service, but I cannot take time away from my next client and some of my services require 100% of the appointment time to be completed safely.
  • How do I reschedule/cancel?
    Reschedules can be made for Esthetics appointments with a minimum of 48hrs notice. PMU/Tattoo Appointments require a minimum of 7 days notice for reschedules to retain your deposit. Reschedules made within 7 days for PMU/Tattoo appointments will require a new deposit. I require a minimum of 48hrs notice for all cancellations. If your appointment is cancelled within 24-48hrs prior to your appointment time you will be charged 50% of your full service amount, including the forfeit of any deposits paid. Cancellations made with 24hrs or less notice will result in a 100% service amount charge, including the forfeit of any deposits paid. No Shows require a 100% appointment cost payment, as well as an additional $50 no show fee for any and all missed appointments. Rebooking after a no show is only possible with approval from Dakota directly.
  • How can I pay?
    For in-studio payment, I prefer Cash + E-Transfer but I do offer Debit/Credit Card Payments for your convenience, with the addition of a processing fee. Giftcards can be purchased in studio and are non-redeemable for cash, online products, memberships or booking fees/deposits. Giftcards are not eligible for refunds. I offer payment installment packages through Afterpay for all of my services. Any appointments paid for with Afterpay are non-refundable. Reschedules are permitted with a minimum of 48hrs notice, Afterpay appointments rescheduled with less than 48hrs notice will be subject to additional payments. All deposits are collected automatically through the booking process online and are non-refundable. Reschedule, Cancellation and No Show fees can be paid by E-transfer or will be charged to the card that you saved to your client profile when booking. I will never charge your card without notifying you, but please keep in mind that reschedule, cancellation and no show fees are non-negotiable, as they are agreed to within the consent forms that are required when you choose to book in with me online.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    I exclusively offer online booking for all appointments. You can book an in-studio appointment here OR book a mobile appointment by sending me an email at!
  • How old do I need to be to receive PMU/Tattoo services?
    The minimum age for me to accept you as a PMU/Tattoo Client is 18. No exceptions.
  • What is the difference between PMU, Restorative Tattoos and Decorative Tattoos?
    PMU/Cosmetic Tattoos enhance or mimic the natural features or makeup of each individual client and are meant to fade over time, giving your artist the ability to alter the appearance as you age. Restorative + Decorative Tattoos use ink to permanently mark the skin with your prefered design without fading.
  • Do these services hurt?
    I use a highly-effective anesthetic cream before and during PMU services. Pain tolerance varies from client to client and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable for the entirety of the procedure. Some areas are more sensitive than others. Having this service performed during your menstrual cycle may increase discomfort during your procedure. If you are a frequent smoker, the topical anesthetics used during the treatment will not last as long. If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, be aware that this may affect your tolerance for pain. Mini Ink & Areola Tattoo appointments do NOT include numbing. Pain tolerance varies depending on your skin type and the area of the tattoo. Please do NOT use your own numbing cream without my approval, or we may need to reschedule/cancel your appointment. I cannot guarantee results when working on skin that has been treated with products that I do not provide or am knowledgeable in.
  • What is the difference between PMU techniques?
    BROWS: MICROBLADING mimics the look of a natural hair and is implanted using a handheld tool with very fine needles. It is the most natural looking option and is best for clients with dry-normal skin that want to enhance their existing eyebrows. NANO BROWS also mimic the look of a natural hair, but this technique utilizes a tattoo machine with a configuration of a very fine needles. It is also very natural looking and works for all skin types, but is a better option for oily skin types than Microblading. COMBO BROWS combine a hairstroke technique (Microblading or Nano) with powdered shading to create a custom look. The result is natural looking hair strokes with the fullness and structure of a powder brow, the perfect blend for every day wear. Plus, it's my signature technique! POWDER BROWS mimic the look of powdered makeup and is best for clients wanting to cover or correct botched PMU without removal services, or clients that want their brows to look like they are filled in with makeup. EYELINER: LASHLINE ENHANCEMENT utilizes soft and subtle shading to mimic the look of a fuller, darker lash line. This frames the eye without being overwhelming or stylized. CLASSIC LINER is a bit thicker than a lashline enhancement, but does not include a wing or any extension past your natural lashline. SOFT WINGED LINER is my classic liner technique with an added wing to extend and define the eyes a little extra. We can do a small and subtle wing or a bold wing, depending on your preference. LIPS: LIP BLUSH is my signature Lip Tattoo technique, with soft shading to add colour and even texture to your existing lip colour. This adds a bit of definition and colour to the lips without looking like you've applied much more than a lip tint. LIP NEUTRALIZATION is for clients who have uneven colour, lack of pigment or an undertone they would like to correct (cool or warm tones) within their lip border. This technique is more restorative and is meant to mimic the look of your natural lips in a corrective way.
  • Am I a good candidate for PMU/Tattoos?
    I will NOT apply PMU/Tattoo services to any client with the following: - You are currently pregnant or breastfeeding - You are currently undergoing chemotherapy/radiation treatments (exceptions can be made for end of life care) - You have a history of keloid scarring - You have any blood diseases or infections (HIV, AIDS, etc) I can only apply PMU/Tattoo services to a client with the following if they receive the following services or cease use of the following products within the timeline that is listed in my Pre-Care Ebooks: - You have a sunburn or heavy sun exposure in the area - You receive chemical peels or AHA peels - You receive botox or filler in the area - You use products with Retinol, Lactic Acid, Retin A or Vitamin C in the area - You experience cold sores or fever blisters in the area *These products and services can effect how your skin accepts and retains the pigment and can result in patchy or uneven PMU/Tattoos, or in some cases can heighten your risk of infection or a cold sore outbreak. PLEASE NOTE: If you have extremely oily skin, the Microblading technique will most likely not work well for you long term. The constant production of oil in the skin will cause the hairstrokes to heal with a diffused, softer look. Your end result will look more like a Powder Brow than you would expect. If you have little to no existing hair, your tattoo will appear more 2-dimensional than those clients who have more hair naturally. If you are a frequent smoker, your pigment may fade sooner and you may require refresh appointments more often than non-smokers. If you are iron deficient or Anemic, your pigment may fade sooner and bleeding/bruising may occur during and after the procedure.
  • What if I have had a PMU service done before?
    If you have had your eyebrows/eyeliner/lips previously tattooed by another artist, I cannot guarantee results for cases such as these. In some instances where the previous work is too dark, dense, discoloured, or large, tattoo removal will be highly recommended before you will be considered as a client of mine. Previously tattooed areas will almost always require additional sessions and will be charged on an individual basis. Please send me photos via email or book a consultation PRIOR to booking so that I can ensure that your brows/eyeliner/lips are workable and that I feel confident that I can achieve the results that you are looking for. Failure to send me photos or book a consult for approval PRIOR to booking could result in the loss of your deposit and last minute cancellation charges if I am not able to work over your existing PMU/Tattoos.
  • How many sessions are required?
    PMU First Time Clients with NO existing work require 2 sessions, 4-8 weeks apart. Clients with existing PMU done by me can book in for a single session to refresh their PMU. Clients with existing PMU done by another artist must send me photos or book a consultation PRIOR to booking for an individual quote on sessions required and pricing. Tattoo clients are booked in for a single session but can book one complimentary touch up if needed within 12 months of the first session. Touch up sessions booked past 12 months or additional touch ups will be subject to additional charges.
  • How do I prepare for PMU/Tattoos?
    You can view my Pre-Care EBooks for a full run down any time here.
  • What is the immediate care and long term care for PMU/Tattoos?
    All of my aftercare instructions for the healing process can be found here. Once healed, long term care for PMU/Tattoos is as follows: A good sunscreen should be applied daily AFTER healing and is required to help keep your color true. As with any tattoo, sun exposure will make the color soften faster. Fading speed depends on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, pigment color used, broken capillaries, and if any chemical peels were done after your procedure. If you are planning a chemical peel, laser treatment or other medical procedure, please inform the technician that you have PMU/Tattoos. Careful application must be taken to avoid affecting the tattooed area. During your appointment, I analyze your skin's undertone to anticipate how pigment colors will fade in the future. I will also mix pigments to ensure color blends well with your existing eyebrow and hair color. The majority of my clients' PMU/Tattoos stay true to color and lighten naturally over time. There are some cases, however, where colors may fade to different tones according to the individual’s response to the pigments. Many factors affect these changes. At your touchup or refresh appointment, I will re-analyze how your body has responded to the initial color and make any necessary adjustments. Results vary with each client.
  • What if my skin is flaking after the 14 day healing period?
    After the 14 days are complete, discontinue all aftercare. It is important to return to your regular skin routine after the 14 days are complete. Make sure to include your PMU/Tattoo area in regular cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating.
  • How long do PMU/Tattoos last?
    For all PMU services that are not maintained with Refresh appointments, the pigment will fade externally within 3-5 years. Some skin types hold pigment longer and some hold for less, but this is the average for most of my clients. Microblading will last about 12-18 months before needing to be refreshed. Nano Brows, Combo Brows & Powder Brows will last about 18-24 months before needing to be refreshed. Eyeliner PMU will last about 18-24 months before needing to be refreshed. Lip Blush PMU will last about 18-24 months before needing to be refreshed. Mini Ink & Areola Tattoos are permanent and do not require refresh or touch up sessions BUT due to different skin types can fade slightly over time.
  • When should I book in for a Refresh Session? (PMU ONLY)
    I require that my clients wait until their PMU has faded a MINIMUM of 40-60% before having it refreshed. This is typically every 12-18 months, but each client is different. Tattooing too frequently can heighten your risk of scarring, blurring or discoloration. If you are unsure about whether it is time to refresh your PMU, send me a clear photo (without makeup) via email and I will let you know!
  • What factors will effect my PMU/Tattoo long term?
    Sun exposure: The sun will extremely soften the look of your tattoo, so sunblock should be used (once healed) to prolong your PMU/Tattoo. Skin Cell Regeneration: The longer the regeneration takes, the longer the pigment holds. Color Choice: Some colors fade quicker than others, e.g. a blonde color will fade quicker than a dark brown or black color. The area of treatment: Enhancements to the face, for example, fade more quickly due to constant exposure. Bleeding during the procedure: Any bleeding during the tattooing procedure will reduce the amount of pigment that is absorbed. Please refer to my Pre-Care EBook to avoid excess bleeding during our appointment. Aftercare: Failure to follow my aftercare instructions diligently during the first 2 weeks of healing can contribute to less than desired results an may result in additional sessions being required at your expense. Iron Deficiency: If you suffer from Anemia or low iron this could affect the way your body reacts to the pigment. The pigment I use contains iron oxide, which can result in pigment fading or changing in hue due to your body absorbing the iron.
  • Are PMU/Tattoo services safe?
    Yes! I pride myself on having an immaculate and sterile studio space. I only use single use, disposable needles and supplies. This means that each set-up for each new client is discarded safely afterwards. All surfaces are thoroughly disinfected before opening and after each procedure throughout the day. The studio space is annually inspected and I carry multiple certifications for Bloodborne Pathogen Safety Training to ensure the safety of myself and my clients.
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